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After sitting in a wardrobe at my Mum's for the best part of the last decade and already having survived years in the band Ghidrah, being lent out, attacked with a screwdriver, numerous stickers and attempted paint jobs I thought it was time to resurrect my old Les Paul Standard. Originally I had planned a new paint job but once I got it home I decided I liked the battle damage and settled for new machine heads, new pots, new switch, new bridge, new jack, and new wiring. I also added a new P-90 pickup in the neck position to go with the Seymour Duncan 'Screamin' Demon' in the bridge. All that probably wont mean a hell of a lot to non-guitar nerds but given my soldering skills (or lack thereof) I felt kinda proud that everything seems to work okay and I managed to come out with only one minor burn.




A couple of years ago I put together this DVD of five Ghidrah live shows from back in the mid 90's, saving them from the fall into VHS oblivion. The DVD is out in a strictly limited edition of three. No more will be made available, ever!