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I designed this site for Lucas earlier in the year to help him find work during his OE. He was after a simple website that would let potential employers know about him and what he could do. He seemed really happy with the result.




The Red Shift was a fantastic locally produced hotrod show which unfortunately only survived for three seasons. I designed and maintained the website for all three seasons but the website didn't survive much longer than the show itself. You can still see what the site looked liked thanks to the Wayback Machine by clicking here or here (or you could just look at screen grab above for a bit of an idea). The Red Shift is currently showing on CTV.




99DS was an exhibition of 198 pieces of art all created on a Nintendo DS, 99 pieces each from Christian Pearce and Greg Broadmore. Greg's 99 were all variations on the theme of naked ladies slipping over on banana peels - '99 Dodgy Slips'. Christian's were of 99 different hotrods or '99 Deadly Sleds'. The exhibition took place in two converted shipping containers in Civic Square in Wellington in February of 2009. Unfortunately the website is no longer running but I may revive it here sometime in the near future.



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